Zoya and Elin in 1997.

Jupi-Lis kennels was established in 1986 and was in the beginning operated by my aunt Pirjo who bred american cocker spaniels. Pirjo unfortunately passed away in 1991 and the kennel was put on hold. In 1996 we (me and my mother) took over the kennel name and we started the breeding of Rhodesian ridgebacks.

We are located i Åkersberga, about 30 km north of Stockholm, Sweden. Our family consists of me – Rica, my partner Micke and our teenaged children David and Ellen. We also have two ragdoll cats – Ivan and Boris and my daughters connemara pony Ursa Minor (Teddy). 

Our first ridgeback – Elin – was born in 1990 in a litter of 8 (3+5). Due to that time ridgebacks were not very common in Sweden. There were approximately 400 registered individuals. Elin was not the prettiest of ridgebacks but had an outstanding mentality. She was a very typical ridgeback temperamentwise.

Fuji and Misti
Me and Zoya in 1998 when Zoya gained her championship. Photo by Veronica Thorén.

Elin had her first and only litter in 1996 which produced 5 puppies (1+4). One bitch puppy was unfortunately stillborn. No DS, no ridgeless and no ridge faults. We kept a bitch puppy from that litter – Zoya (Jupi-Lis Zorayah).

Zoya was a pretty girl with excellent mentality. She gained her Finnish and Norwegian championship the same day she turned two years of age (the earliest date to gain a championship title). Zoya had three litters at Jupi-Lis. The first litter in 1998 by the dutch male MultiCh Maxim Dagmar, the second litter in 2000 by swedish male SUCH NUCH Haibas Yanko and her last litter in 2003 by SUCH Duméla ra Diamond we Chimanjika.

We kept two puppies, one male and one female, from Zoyas second litter and a female from Zoyas last litter. Unfortunately none of them ended up being suitable for breeding (see more below) and was kept as beloved pets.

In 2007 I purchased a bitchpuppy from Finland. I fell in love with the sire to that litter – the german male named Rachral Abayomi Hintza –  and could therefor not resist when I found out that he had mated the finnish bitch Parkanäs Manyara. That is how Misti ended up in our pack. Misti was a wonderful dog with the sweetest temperament but was unfortunately X-rayed with ED1 (Elbow dysplasia) and were therefor not suitable for breeding.

In 2009 the pack was once again expanded. This time with the male puppy Fuji who was imported from the breeds country of origin – South Africa.

Misti loved to swim
Fuji and Misti relaxing in the garden.

In between all this life happened with studies, children and career so the doggy business had to take a step back. I still had dogs but did not breed and did not participate in shows or competitions. The breeding was also kind of lost all these years as I had so much bad luck with my dogs – Teide had allergies, Silver had hip dysplasia, Etna was most likely infertile and Misti had elbow dysplasia. Thus was none of them suitable for breeding and as I am a small kennel where quality goes before quantity I do not keep more dogs than I can handle and my dogs are first and foremost loyal companions and not breeding material. In 2018 Misti died very suddenly. She was old but I thought I could keep her a little while longer. We were all a bit shocked but Fuji most of us as he had never been a lone dog. At the same time as I announced Mistis death I was offered a pup out of Mistis grand-daughter Kila at kennel Uwanja’s in Finland. The sire was a favourite of mine – Rayridge Jared Boleyd “Boy” – and that is how Hekla came to live with us.

Hekla is a very sweet tempered girl who gets along with everyone – both people and other animals. She is a loyal companion and loves to cuddle up in on the couch and is always with us at the stables and makes friends with both the horses, other dogs and people there.
As Hekla is both nice and healthy we have decided that she would be well suited to carry on the Jupi-Lis legacy  and thus also contibute to the breed here in Sweden. You can read more on the “Planned litter” page.

Hekla in 2021.
Hekla in 2018.
From left; Teide, Fuji, Misti and Etna. Picture taken in 2011.