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Karoskloof Edel Impi
* 2008-08-24
Import South Africa


De Leeuwenjagt Kilimanjaro - Karoskloof Mack's Zandili

Hips: FCI - A/A
Elbows: FCI - 0/0
Mentality test: passed (spring 2010)

 Hip/Elbow-certificate    Pictures     Pedigree (see below)

At stud for suitable bitches. 

The newest addition to our pack is daily called Fuji. His name "Edel Impi" means Noble (afrikaans) Warrior (zulu).

Fuji has for Scandinavia somehow unique bloodlines. His dad "Ryno" is from old SA bloodlines and is from kennel De Leeuwenjagts last litter and his dad Foldsworth Encore is from the last litter of kennel Foldsworth. Kennel de Leeuwenjagt has a famous oilpainting where Fuji's great-granddad Kulima Boojani is pictured.
Fuji's grandmother- Karoskloof Sheba Emily of de Leeuwenjagt is full sister with the worldwide well known Karoskloof Bayezana Naka and granddad to them is the famous
Globe's Roving Red Regent.

The mother, the absolutely lovely Karoskloof Mack's Zandili, from whom Fuji seems to have gotten his good looks from, has many interesting dogs in her pedigree aswell - for example her father, the beautifulThau Gawie of Nullgai.
In the pedigree we can also find names as Rekaylahn Jabulisa of Clachan and Rare Earth's Sunlight Sailor.

Fuji is born in a litter of 13 puppies (7+6  where 3+3 were livernosed). One pup had incorrect ridge and tail-knick and one was slightly offset. The rest were of show quality.

Fuji is a brave and very confident dog. He is friendly and loves our children - he lets them do whatever they want with him. He is X-rayed and found free of HD and ED (Hips A and elbows 0/0)
Fuji has passed the Swedish mentality test.

Fuji shows great promise in field/game-tracking and passed his aptitudetest with ease. The judge for the day, Leif Henriksson, was very impressed with his tracking technique and said he was a promise for the future. We will contuínue our way to achieve a tracking championtitle in 2011.


How it all started;
In february 2007 my dear Zoya passed away very suddenly and I was of course having thoughts of getting a new dog after her. Unfortunately ;) I am very picky and only the very best is good enough. For that period of time there were nothing of interest for me here in Sweden so I was just surfing around foreign RR-breeders homepages and came across the pages o Karoskloof Rhodesian Ridgebacks i South Africa. Arno, the owner of Karoskloof had a lovely bitch, "Zandili",  with whom I fell in love with instantly. So nice, so perfect and beautiful - and due to have puppies the very same spring with a very appealing male - "Ryno".

Delighted in mind I took contact with Arno and asked him if I could be considered as a puppy buyer. Arno was flattered and was willing to sell me a puppy but there was a problem -a mayor one so to say. Swedish regulations say that all dogs imported from third countries (SA is such country) must be quarantined for 4 months when arriving. That was of course nothing we wanted to let a small pup go through. To import via another EU-country was also troubling as they changed their regulations a couple of years ago and now dogs must be vaccinated and bloodtested months before arriving into EU and after that the dog had to be re-vacciunated and tested for rabies titers after 120 days before entering Sweden. The dog would be almost 1 year old before entering Sweden - not exacly a dreamscenario....  Arno wondered if I knew anyone in Russia as they have mild import regulations. Not thinking about that I had already forgotten about the whole thing and purchased my dear Misti in Finland instead.

The year after- 2008 I was once again surfing around the web and to the Karoskloof homepage and saew that Arno planned a repeat of the 2007 litter. I had of course really not given up about the thought to get a pup from my dreamcombo and the fact that I really wanted to get a SA-ridgeback some day in my life. So suddenly I got this crazy idea and E-mailed Arno and wondered if he now could consider me as a puppy buyer if a solved all "but's" on the way and he was positive.

We have good contacts in Russia since a long time ago as we for example imported three horses from Russia in the -90's. I took contact with my Russian friend in st. Petersburg and wondered if she could be interested in taking care of a puppy for about 4 months during christmas 2008 and forward? To my big surprise she said yes and now a trip - never to be forgotten - started.

I contacted a woman, Irina,  in Russia who had previously purchased a pup from Arno and she gave me lots of tips and info about importing to Russia.
Russia is a very complicated country so I was surprised that the import regulations there are so mild - but good for me at this moment ;).

To make a very long story a bit shorter the puppies were born in august2008 and after some weeks of picturesending and puppytelling from Arnos side we together chose the male pup with "orange collar" as the one to move to the other side of the world. So in november 2008 "Fuji" flew to st. Petersburg, Russia (and middle-landed in Frankfurt, Germany) where he had to be vaccinated and spend 120 days before testing for rabies-titers and after that traveling to his new home in Sweden :)

We want to thank Fuji's breeder, Arno van Wyk of Karoskloof kennels for giving us this rare opportunity and entrusting us with this special guy! We are forever thankful and we will try to make you proud about this little guy :)








De Leeuwenjagt Kilimanjaro
HD/ED - free 0/0

Foldsworth Encore

Kulima Boojani Ch
Komkhulu's Nkozana
Siaram Jalla of Kulima
Foldsworth Sapphire Ch
Komkhulu's Nkozana
Rickmic Davinia

Karoskloof Sheba Emily of the Leeuwenjagt

Kulima Love that Red of Karoskloof
Globe's Roving Red Regent
Tatsfield Red Regent Charm of Kulima
Karos Nomsa of Karoskloof
Pronkbeg Matange

Karoskloof Mack's Zandili
HD/ED - free 0/0

Thau Gawie of Nullgai

Pleasantview Sebiana Drossellied Drambuie of Pleasantview
Hagal Ilia of Pleasantview
Ahirah Nadab Umvutcha Lhazula
Isimangamanga Afryea
Of Roodedraai
Nomvuyo Zuru Thandi of Karoskloof
Rare Earth's Sunlight Sailor SC
Ivy League's Bungalow Bill
Windriver's Crimson Arrow CD SC
Nomvuyo Nozuko Ch
Globe's Roving Red Regent
Komkhulu Vega of Nomvuyo