Jupi-Lis kennels next litter planned for Summer 2022

Puppies born 23 july. 13 puppies – 6 males and 7 bitches. Unfortunately 2 bitches didn’t make it so we have 11 puppies.
We have a few pups still looking for the best home.

Inquiries welcome!

Sambo. Photo by Magdalena Stockschläder
Hekla. Photo by Ellen Limmersten

C.I.B, German CH (VDH), NLCH, FRCH, POCH,  German CH (ELSA), German Youth CH (VDH), German Youth CH (DZRR)
Wakati Mzuri Jazua Aike “Sambo”

Height: 66 cm
Weight: 44 kg

ED: 0/0
LTV free
OCD free
Hemophilia A/B: free
DM: N/N (free, non carrier)
JME : N/JME (free, carrier)
EOAD: free
B-locus: B/B 
Ridge: R/r

Correct scissor bite
Full dentition

More info about Sambo on his own homepage.


Uwanja’s Jifunza Kiswidi “Hekla”

Height: 66 cm
Weight: 38 kg

ED: 0/0
Hemophilia A/B: free
DM: N/DM (free, carrier)
JME: N/N (free, non carrier)
D-locus: D/d
B-locus: B/b

Correct scissor bite
Missing one P3.

Hekla. Photo by Ellen Limmersten
Sambo. Photo by Karin von Klaveren