Are you interested in a puppy from us?

At Jupi-Lis kennels we believe in quality before quantity. Therefore we breed very seldom. We strive for top notch breeding stock and don’t accept poor hips/elbows, poor mentality, allergies or other insuffencies in the parentanimals.

Because we have these “rules” for ourselves we’ve also had to discard bitches (and males) that we have kept or acquired for breeding and thus our latest litter (before this planned one for 2022) was in 2003, almost 20 years ago.

Our ambition is to always be there for you as a buyer. Not only before the acquisation but also after and – if the buyer wishes – for the puppys whole life. No question is too dumb to be asked and you can always contact us, regardless of why.

In return I expect you to treat your new puppy (and later adult) as a full-fledged family member and give your dog the time, exercise and company it needs to stay sound in both body and mind.

We appreciate it if you would want to X-ray your dogs hips and elbows at the age of 12-18 months and participate in a BPH (mentality testing) at 12-24 months of age.

At delivery the puppies will be de-wormed, vaccinated, inspected by a veterinarian and have a microchip for identity.

You will also get;

  • Registration and pedigree from SKK.
  • SKK’s purchase agreement.
  • Insurance.
  • Food for the first days.
  • Some toys and a blanket with “mum-smell”.
  • A one year membership in SRRS. 

Still interested? Welcome to contact us for further info and a visit.